The H2Oe3 Natural Cleaning System is smart for you and the environment!

Just how much does it cost to make a bottle of cleaner-sanitizer? Let’s do the math!

A typical 26 oz container of salt costs $0.44 USD*. And since it only takes 3 grams of salt to make a bottle of S-Water, you can make 245 bottles with this one container. That equals $0.00179 of salt per bottle of S-Water.

According to the American Water Works Association, 1,000 gallons of tap water costs on average about $1.50 USD**. That is $0.0015 per gallon. And since 1 gallon contains 3785.41 ml. of water, this means you can make about 8.5 bottles of S-Water per gallon. That equals about $0.000176 of water per bottle of S-Water.

Add it together and it only costs $0.001966 USD per bottle. This means you can make between 5-6 bottles of H2Oe3 for a penny!

*26 oz. salt cost based upon sale price of a 2 pack of Great Value Salt at WalMart on 10/10/19.

**Kail, Greg. “Is Water Free?” American Waterworks Association, 2002