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Never Run Out!

Make a Full Bottle in Just 10 Minutes!

Just Add Water & Salt and then Start the Activator’s Electrolyzation Process.

Why H2O e3™?

1. Kills Germs & Bacteria!
2. Virtually Free to Make!
3. Safe for Family & Pets!
Spraying a cutting board with S-Water with the eSprayer

Kills Germs & Bacteria!

A wide variety of traditional cleaners

Economical Icon Virtually Free to Make!

Plastic Pollution on beach – Baby reaching for chemical cleaners

Eco-Safe IconSafe for Family & Pets!

Sanitize, Clean, and Deodorize Your Entire Home!
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Real People LOVE the H2O e3TM

The Sanitizer, Cleaner, and Deodorizer that is perfect for Every Job, Every Day, Everywhere in Your Home!

Tara Q


There are a lot of health concerns in today’s world. H2O e3 is proven to kill germs and bacteria, helping to protect my family. And best of all, it is a natural non-toxic solution so it is safe around my kids and pets.

Angela M

Angela M

I cannot believe that only salt and water can make a cleaner that is this effective. I can use it everyday to clean and sanitize my house from top to bottom.

Angela D

Angela M

With H2O e3 I never worry about running out of cleaner and sanitizer. I make it myself in just minutes, anytime I need it. And it costs less than a penny, saving me hundreds of dollars in cleaning supplies.

eActivator bottle with in use images below
Everyday uses of the H2O e3

The Advanced Science of Sanitizing & Cleaning

Jeremiah Tipton – Analytical Chemist

The H2O e3™ eActivator emits low levels of electricity, breaking apart water and salt molecules to form two new powerful oxidants. One is a powerful cleaner that cuts through grease and grime. The other is a powerful deodorizer and a sanitizer that kills 99% of germs and bacteria!**”

Learn about Electrolyzed Water

How to Create S-Water

1. Water
2. Salt
3. Electricity

See the Power of S-Water

H2O e3™ Natural Cleaning System
Water + Salt + Electricity = S-Water™. Cleaner • Sanitizer • Deodorizer

Never Run Out of Sanitizer & Cleaner.

Make it Yourself in Minutes!
Save Money!

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Protect Your Family!
Kills 99% of Germs & Viruses & Bacteria**

What's in the box?

  • 450 ml eActivator
  • H2O eMop Unit
  • Double sided Coral and Microfiber Cloth
  • eSprayer
  • eSqueegee
  • 2 Mini eSprayers
  • Measuring Spoon
  • Power Adapter